Workplace of the Future

Modern office space with a printer.

Clearly The Best Solutions of Today and Tomorrow

Abadan has served clients in and around Mid-Columbia, Yakima, and the surrounding Tri-Cities area for more than 60 years. By partnering with innovative manufacturers like Konica Minolta for copiers and solutions, we’re staying ahead of the curve to provide you with the workplace of the future.

How Abadan Gives You the Workplace of the Future

Abadan has a diverse range of solutions to give your office unthought-of productivity levels. With them, you get:

Enhanced Collaboration Capabilities

We offer cloud-based solutions like VoIP service that lets you handle meetings and conference room scheduling easily. You can use analytics to assess regulate how crucial workspaces are used.

Abadan can also provide clients in healthcare with outstanding “telehealth” solutions. You’ll be able to care for patients from your tablet, your smartphone and any computer with an internet connection.

You won’t need to worry about patient privacy either—our solutions are HIPAA and HITECH compliant. You can schedule appointments and adhere to physician workflows even while you’re not in the office.

Maximize Efficiency

Abadan’s solutions can make receptionists’ jobs easier as well. No more waiting lines clogging up your lobby or scribbling on name badges with markers—our Visitor Management systems let you streamline the flow of people through your office. You can:

  • Collect and store visitor information effortlessly
  • Get notifications via email, Slack or text message whenever someone arrives
  • Print temporary ID badges quickly
  • Connect with delivery drivers
  • Take photos of visitors, capture NDAs and more

Abadan also has solutions that help you optimize your production printing operations. You can:

  • Get notifications on unusual activity on your equipment
  • Spot power issues and notify service staff
  • Avoid needless service calls

More on the Latest Solutions

Abadan has other solutions to help your office work smarter:

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