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What Can Managed Print Really Do?

managed print

When researching managed print, you've probably come across all kinds of eager claims--companies saying that managed print has boosted their efficiency, improved their customer service, strengthened their communication, and streamlined their workflows. These things are probably true, but how can you know that for sure until you know what managed print can really do to help you achieve these things? Let's take a look!

What Does a Managed Print Assessment Look Like?

managed print

Doing your research is a crucial part of the decision process when it comes to print solutions. Sometimes, though, you'll come across something that you have to "see in action" before you can appreciate its benefits. Take, for example, the on-site assessments that are part of managed print services. What do they look like, and how do they work? Let's find out!

Should You Outsource or Bring Printing In-House?

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Does your organization have printing requirements beyond day-to-day business documents? A multifunction system and network printer can handle internal document printing, but what about businesses with high-volume printing requirements? Whether you're faced with high-volume black-and-white printing or a wide variety of full-color professional marketing pieces, you'll need to decide whether to keep everything in-house or rely on a professional print center.

Interviewing a Potential Managed Print Provider

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Managed print services provide businesses with solutions to improve their print environment, reducing costs and addressing inefficiencies. Companies both large and small typically see savings as high as 30%—a welcome relief when every penny counts. Recognizing your need for a managed print solution is the first part of the process; choosing a managed print provider is the second. Here's how to tell whether the provider you're considering will deliver the solutions you need.


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