document management

Document Management: Are You Ready to Move Forward?

document management

Adopting a new procedure isn't easy, and the most challenging time is often during the initial decision-making process. Will the overall benefits justify the investment? Will we be sorry we ever began this journey?

Would You Go Back?

We're all familiar with the trepidation that accompanies adopting a new process. In most cases, however, the new system is much better than the old, and we don't regret the change. As an example, let's take a simple process like email and go back to the days before its existence.

Document Management and Electronic Forms: A Win-Win for Your SMB

paperless forms

Forms are an essential component of day-to-day business processes. If your company has yet to adopt an electronic document management system, you may still be dependent on paper-based forms and time-consuming manual data entry. Electronic forms that aren't linked to a document management process aren't much better; they still require manual data entry to get information to the right location.

Prepare for Disaster With Document Management

plan for the worst

The lifeblood of your business is contained in your documents, which leads us to ask a question.

Where are your documents?

If your organization was faced with a catastrophic disaster, could you save your proprietary information? If it's printed on paper and housed in filing cabinets and bankers boxes, the answer is a decided No.


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