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Up to 90 scans/minute
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Increase your productivity in the office with the Fujitsu FI-6670 High-speed Scanner.


  • Ultrasonic Double-feed Detection with Advanced Control
  • Scanner Central Admin Suite
  • Comes with 2D Barcode for PaperStream
The FI-6670 scans your documents into electronic files quickly and efficiently. Not only does this scanner have speed, but it is also equipped with a double-feed detection sensor that improves scanning batches. The FI-6670 scanner comes with PaperStream, a software that allows the user to create profiles based on their most common scanning jobs. For those that want more options in their scanning, the FI-6670 provides advanced features. Finally, this scanner meets the highest standards of ecological regulations, making this scanner environmentally-friendly. Because of of all of these features, this scanner will save its user time and energy.