Our Story

Original 1953 Abadan store front

Clearly the Best Since 1953

Abadan Tri-Cities has proudly served customers in and around the Mid-Columbia for more than 60 years.

Our company was founded in Spokane in 1953. We started out selling and servicing office equipment to customers in that area. As Abadan grew and demand for our services increased, we realized that we needed to build up our operations further south.

So in 1975, Abadan sent Bob Best down to open an office in the Mid-Columbia area. Twelve years later, he bought the branch. Over time, business in this region became more and more critical to our company. To cement our connections with the Mid-Columbia area, Bob Best built Abadan’s Richland headquarters in 2005.

What We Offer Mid-Columbia Customers

From our 26,500 square-foot Richland facility, Abadan offers a variety of products and services, including:

Over the seven-decade lifetime of our company, our philosophy has remained the same:

  • We seek out and value the input of our employees and customers.
  • We encourage our employees to take ownership of our company’s goals.
  • We focus on carrying out long-term business plans and build strong relationships within the Mid-Columbia community.

More About Abadan

To learn more about Abadan, check out these pages:

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  • For info on our activities outside of business, go to our Local Involvement page.

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