Multifunction Printer

Clearly the Best Way to Handle Large-Sized Documents

Abadan’s wide format printers give you blueprints and other big documents in seconds. However, they can do so much more.

Multifunction Capabilities of Abadan’s Wide Format Printers

Abadan’s wide format printers create new opportunities for managing your larger documents. Available models give you the ability to:

You can get “D” size and “A1” size documents quickly. The high dpi resolutions of our devices ensure that your larger prints will have sharp image details and readable text. Some of our machines give you the option of printing wide format versions of your PDF files.

Scan Large-Sized Documents

Not only can you print larger documents, but you can also scan them too. Our wide format printers enable you to scan blueprints, designs and other materials to:

  • PDFs
  • JPEGs
  • USB
  • Folders on your network

Our devices come with advanced features that allow you to capture images with optimal speed.

Copy Large-Sized Documents

After you’ve scanned one of your larger documents, you can make copies of it as well. Your copies will look just as good as your original prints as well.

Fax or Email Large-Sized Documents

You can send scanned files to various fax numbers and email addresses too. You’ll gain a far greater ability to share information and work with others. At the same time, features like data encryption and SSL communications ensure the privacy of your information.

Abadan’s Office Solutions

Abadan’s selection of Office Solutions allow you to do even more with your document processes:

To discuss how our wide format multifunction devices can improve how your construction/architecture/engineering company operates,