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Document Management Systems Wenatchee

Document Management Systems: The Best Solution for Your Digital Documents

Most companies simply can’t get by just with paper documents anymore. With our Document Management Systems, Tri-Cities customers can:

  • Prevent the loss or theft of their important information
  • Scan, store and distribute their documents with far greater speed
  • Retrieve critical files whenever and wherever they need them

Why Document Management?

Abadan’s Document Management solutions help you accomplish a variety of tasks. You’ll be able to:

Automate Your Document Capture Workflows

You can capture documents from scanners, multifunction systems, copiers, and several other data sources. From there, you can:

  • Classify files automatically
  • Extract important data from documents quickly and accurately
  • Validate documents for data accuracy and route them to locations on your network

Manage Your Content Easier

Abadan offers solutions for accessing your electronic content from both your desktops and your mobile devices. At the same time, you can set up audit trails and security features to control who sees your information.

Integrate Your Systems and Streamline Processes

Our Document Management solutions integrate easily with several types of applications, software, and copiers. This gives you the ability to cut out inefficiencies and reach new heights of productivity.

Who Could Use Document Management?

Document Management has helped clients in a variety of industries work better, including:


Teachers and administrators have been able to comply with FERPA and other requirements easier. They’ve also shaved hours off their workweek and saved thousands of dollars per year.

Financial Institutions

Clients who work in finance have gone almost completely paperless with our Document Management solutions. They’ve saved money on storage costs and handled the flow of information better.

Doctors/Hospital Staff

Hospitals have integrated our solutions with their existing EMR systems to comply with HIPAA regulations easier and save tens of thousands of dollars.

More on the Latest Solutions

Abadan’s office solutions can improve your operations in other ways:

  • If you still deal with paper documents, our network printers can deliver them with better quality and less waste.
  • Our multifunction systems let you print, copy, scan and fax documents all from one machine.

To discuss how you can benefit from Document Management or any other solutions,