Construction, Architecture, Engineering

Construction engineer looks at site plan

Clearly the Best Solutions for the AEC Industry

Clients who work in construction, architecture, and engineering have very specific needs regarding documents. Every day, they use documents that are bigger than your average network printer can handle. That’s why Abadan stocks a selection of solutions geared specifically towards clients in the AEC industry.

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Multifunction Copiers

Abadan has copiers that let you do more with your larger documents. You can make copies that look just as good as the originals. In addition to printing and copying, you can scan blueprints and other documents to different digital formats and locations.

Wide Format Printers

Abadan’s outstanding wide format printers let you print larger documents quickly. You can get the details and information that you need to complete important projects right away.

Abadan’s Office Solutions

Clients in other industries may benefit from Abadan’s office solutions:

  • Our multifunction Copiers let you print, scan, copy and distribute documents with impressive speed and ease.
  • Our network printers deliver high-quality documents of different sizes efficiently.
  • Our scanners can capture thousands of pages within minutes (they can scan both sides of a sheet at the same time too).
  • Abadan’s Managed Print Services can make your printer fleet more productive, more profitable and more environmentally responsible.
  • With our Document Management solutions, you can store, retrieve and share your captured documents whenever the need arises.
  • Plus, our VoIP service allows you to communicate through your internet connection providing clear and cost-effective choices. 
  • Abadan also offers a variety of productivity-boosting solutions to give you the Workplace of the Future.

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