VoIP: Cloud-based HD Voice & Unified Communication

At Abadan, we believe in delivering services that are cost-efficient and that help promote company growth. Hosted, cloud-based PBX is a service we provide that does just that, with advanced features that go beyond merely delivering voice.

Hosted PBX is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that choose to use VoIP. Delivering increased flexibility, low maintenance, simplification, and advanced features, Hosted PBX offers one platform with one bill and one point of contact.

How You Benefit from Hosted PBX:

  • Elimination of communication failures due to redundancy built into the network
  • Elimination of onsite PBX equipment, therefore freeing up valuable space
  • Reduction of long distance costs
  • Advanced calling features for an increase in flexibility and mobility
  • Reduction or elimination of traditional phone lines
  • 3-4 digit dialing from anywhere
  • Availability of local and national phone numbers

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