Why Your Business Needs VoIP


Communication technologies have changed exponentially over the last 20 years. These days, everyone has a smartphone on them most of the time. But, contrary to popular opinion, the advent of the cellphone does not negate the necessity for a landline. What it has done; however, has required phone service providers to evolve their solutions to keep pace with changing business needs.

With that in mind, many businesses have turned to VoIP technology to stay connected and up-to-date with their telecom needs.

Long-Term Sustainable Office Solutions

green office

Working in an office means so much more than just sitting at a desk getting the job done. In today’s business culture, many workplaces are eschewing cubicles and office equipment for open floor plans and foosball tables.

While the trend of fun office spaces ushered in by the Internet boom may have subsided, environmental concerns certainly have not gone away. Sustainability and green initiatives are not just buzzwords; companies have a responsibility to their employees and the planet to minimize their environmental impacts.

Save Money on Your Print Costs with MPS and More


There are a variety of solutions that can help you save money on your print costs. From the simple to the more sophisticated, here are some easy tips.

  • Before you print a document ask yourself if you really need to as a hard copy of it. So much ink and paper are wasted on documents that don’t need to be printed.

  • Add a green message like “please consider the environment before printing this email” to help remind recipients about paper waste. This green message is a great reminder for employees and customers.

Marrying DM with Cloud Technology

cloud technology

Technology is constantly advancing. Document management was once the latest, greatest thing. And, while it is still a wonderful business solution, pairing it with newer technologies provides even more benefits.

Modern Document Management

Document management has evolved from papers and filing cabinets to computers and in-house data centers. Now, with cloud-based storage, it evolving is once again.

Explore the Many Benefits of VoIP


You might be wondering why we are still talking about VoIP technology. After all, it is not new. Although this phone system solution, has been around for a while, it continues to improve and evolve. Today’s businesses continue to see the benefits of this from Voice over Internet Protocol known as VoIP. If you have yet to make the switch, now is the time to look at how your business can benefit.

Understanding In-House and Outsourced Printer Maintenance

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The typical office has a number of printers, and each one of those printers will eventually need to have maintenance and repairs done. An office printer used by employees shouldn't stay out of service long, or the productivity of the office will suffer. How to get that maintenance, however, can often be a big decision. Should existing employees take on these tasks, or should all of it be outsourced to another company?

Top 3 Tips for Picking Office Equipment

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Selecting office equipment is not quite as simple as it used to be. It is not as straightforward as a printer prints, and a copier makes copies. While today’s devices certainly boast excellent benefits, they also require you to examine your needs before making an acquisition.

Here are the top three criteria to examine when you are looking to buy or lease office equipment:


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