Is Leasing Office Equipment Right for Your Business?

equipment leasing

Despite our high-tech business environments, office equipment is still relevant to running a successful company. While we may have evolved past the days of a lone office copy machine, printers, copiers, and MFPs are as necessary today as they were 20 years ago. Their features may have evolved, but their functions remain as important as ever.

When you realize that it is time to upgrade your office equipment and update your systems to meet today’s needs, consider leasing as an option.

Support HR Policies with Document Management

document management

HR policies and procedures are critical to the success of your business and the well-being of your employees.

Policies are documented guidelines that establish rules and codes of conduct within your business. These guidelines are often put in place to protect your employees and your business. On the other hand, procedures are instructions that document how tasks should be performed; they help transform your objective into action items.

Can VoIP Stop Ghost Calls from Haunting You?

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Are ghost calls haunting you or your business? Are you sick of random phantom calls? Find out how to use your VoIP to exorcise the enemy.

What Are Ghost Calls?

Ghost calls or phantom calls are a common annoyance. If you have even answered the phone only to hear dead silence on the other end — no voice answering or no message left — then you have experienced a ghost call.

Discover the Importance of a Managed Print Assessment

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When you run a business, it can feel like you’re constantly inundated with expenses. And, you might be wondering if managed print is just another expense with limited return on investment. The good news is if you thought that, you would be wrong.

While most people don’t like being wrong, in this case, you will be happy that you were since managed print services offer excellent ROI and can greatly improve your workplace efficiency.

Why Your Business Needs VoIP


Communication technologies have changed exponentially over the last 20 years. These days, everyone has a smartphone on them most of the time. But, contrary to popular opinion, the advent of the cellphone does not negate the necessity for a landline. What it has done; however, has required phone service providers to evolve their solutions to keep pace with changing business needs.

With that in mind, many businesses have turned to VoIP technology to stay connected and up-to-date with their telecom needs.

Long-Term Sustainable Office Solutions

green office

Working in an office means so much more than just sitting at a desk getting the job done. In today’s business culture, many workplaces are eschewing cubicles and office equipment for open floor plans and foosball tables.

While the trend of fun office spaces ushered in by the Internet boom may have subsided, environmental concerns certainly have not gone away. Sustainability and green initiatives are not just buzzwords; companies have a responsibility to their employees and the planet to minimize their environmental impacts.

Save Money on Your Print Costs with MPS and More


There are a variety of solutions that can help you save money on your print costs. From the simple to the more sophisticated, here are some easy tips.

  • Before you print a document ask yourself if you really need to as a hard copy of it. So much ink and paper are wasted on documents that don’t need to be printed.

  • Add a green message like “please consider the environment before printing this email” to help remind recipients about paper waste. This green message is a great reminder for employees and customers.


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