Ready to Save Time and Money? Document Management Delivers!

document management

Every business leader knows that time is money, but finding the right mix of solutions that truly deliver on their promises to improve productivity can be challenging. Electronic document management is one of those proven solutions that truly brings results, bringing about astonishing organization-wide improvements in daily business processes.

Here are a few ways your organization can save time and money by replacing paper with digital document management.

Capturing Information

Your company is bombarded with information in a wide variety of formats every hour of the day. Paper-based systems and their dependence on copying, printing, hand-delivering, and storing information in physical storage systems cost companies thousands of dollars in lost time and money every year. Document management systems replace cumbersome paper processes, allowing users to capture incoming documents using multifunction systems, scanners, and sophisticated software that extracts critical metadata.

Managing Information

Managing stored information in a document management system is efficient, fast, and secure. Instead of pushing paper documents from one desk to the next, document management systems use keyword search tools to locate information in seconds. Alerts notify employees when they're next in line in the workflow, eliminating costly errors and wasted time. Multiple users can access, edit, and sign off on critical documents at the same time, reducing printing costs and saving hours of time on every project.

Sharing Information

You could print your 100-page update to the employee handbook, but why waste valuable resources? Document management bypasses the printing stage in favor of sharing information electronically. Audit trails verify that everyone received the information, and you've saved thousands on paper and labor costs.

There's much to be gained when businesses replace paper processes with digital document management. To find out how much time and money your organization could save, contact us at Abadan today! We're clearly the best at Document Management!