Promoting Collaboration with Document Management

people collaborating on laptops

Does your business have a system in place for promoting collaboration? If your company relies heavily on a paper-based document management solution, you're inadvertently creating roadblocks to employee collaboration and productivity. With access to the right tools, however, you can give your team the keys to a new, more efficient document collaboration strategy. Here's how.

The Solution to Collaboration Pain Points

Identifying the pain points associated with your current method of collaboration is the first step toward remedying them. Here's how a document management system addresses the most common collaboration bottlenecks.


With a paper-based system, collaborating on a project means getting everyone in the same place at the same time or working slowly through various updates, one employee and department at a time, and then hopefully put it all together at some later date. With electronic document management, your employees can collaborate in real time no matter where they happen to be working. For example, an employee on a business trip can open a document and weigh in on a project from a hotel room or airport lounge using a mobile device. Version control solutions verify that everyone is working with the most current information available. With no time or location restraints, your projects can move forward much more quickly than they have been under your current system.

Backup and security solutions

Imagine that the employee in the above scenario left his mobile device behind in the airport lounge. A document management solution includes security protocols to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your company's confidential documents. And with everything continually and automatically backed up, you're covered if a natural disaster or hardware failure impacts your business.

Are your document collaboration pain points keeping your business from growing? Contact us to learn more about the advantages of Abadan's Document Management solutions today!