Pinpoint Your Document Management Requirements

When it comes to document management, not all systems are created equal. If you are investing in DM, you want to ensure it solves your document concerns, not creates more of them.

Before you commit to a system, answer a few questions to get a clearer picture of your requirements.

Why Do you Need Document Management?

Identifying your goals is an important first step to finding the best DM solution. Pinpoint your primary needs — storage, workflow improvements, organization, content management. DM can handle all of these things, but certain platforms will excel over others in certain areas. Once you have a baseline for your document needs, you can explore different options.

How Many Users Need Access?

Regardless of the size of your business, every organization can benefit from the merits of a DM system. Look at the size of your organization and the scope of your access needs.

Are You Always On-The-Go?

In today’s climate, every business is mobile to some degree. How much of your business is conducted remotely or off-site will influence your document management solution. If you have staff in various offices or locations — whether it is across town or the globe — they need to be connected and informed. If your organization has a significant remote workforce, look for a DM with integrated workflow automation and communication software.

Is Your Business Going to Grow?

When analyzing document management options, consider your long-term goals and growth plans. Don’t just think about the tools you need right now; think about the tools your growing company will need. If you are on the track to expansion, be sure to hone in on a scalable solution that can evolve with your changing business. Improver planning leads to an inadequate system that is costly and frustrating.

If you need help analyzing your document management needs, contact us for guidance.