A Managed Print Service That Meets Your Needs


On the face of it, Managed Print Service (MPS) seems to be an easy way for your company to save money and manage their print resources.  The ability to track each user’s print usage can make everyone more aware of our printing can be conserved or better managed.  But its not as simple as hiring a provider for MPS to replace the toner each month.  To find the best MPS provider for your company, there are several things that you need to consider. 

Look for Value and Service

Looking at providers' cost only gives you a snapshot of their services.  You need a company that can respond quickly when you have issues.  Here are some other items to look at. 

A Print Analysis

When you are considering MPS, prospective vendors should provide a free print analysis.  This will show you data to supports their solution to save the company money in their print budget.  It should also be clear how they will be able to increase efficiency. 

Proven Reputation

Any prospective MPS vendor should have an excellent reputation.  Ask if you can talk with past customers.  Check to see if there are testimonials listed online.  Doing a little legwork before you sign a contract can save you headaches down the road.  You want a vendor that is responsive and engages their clients, not one who won’t return your phone calls. 

Proven Track Record

When you are researching potential MPS vendors, look into how well they succeed in improving overall document workflow.  This is where conversations with past clients can be illuminating.  They should be able to increase print efficiency while controlling costs.  They should offer a comprehensive approach to print cost control.  That may even include providing solutions to create a paperless workflow.  By printing fewer documents, the savings are apparent. 

Cloud Printing Solutions

Any potential MPS vendor should be able to provide cloud printing solutions.  This will allow employees the ability to access, edit and print from remote cloud storage.  This gives employees who work remotely or are traveling for business access to key materials while away from the office. 


Security is particularly important when handling corporate documents.  The potential MPS vendor should provide security solutions to protect you.  This can include encryption of the printer’s hard drive and regular verification of the firmware.  The vendor should also conduct routine security assessments to ensure that your data is adequately protected.    

MPS provides many cost-saving benefits.  However, not all vendors are equal.  For the best MPS service, call our team at Abadan today!