Is it Time to Move Production Printing In-House?

production printing

For some companies, having in-house production printing just makes good sense. While not everyone needs printers capable of offering high volume printing, the highest quality, or specialty prints, there are a few things to consider if you think you might.

Cost Benefit

In some cases, companies learn that it's actually more cost effective to invest in a production printer rather than continue outsourcing prints. There's a larger monetary commitment up front, of course, but there may be substantial savings over time. Take a look at how much you're paying for those outsourced prints, estimate how much you'll be paying in the future, and compare that to how much you'll spend to bring in an in-house printer.


If your business wants a tighter handle on branding, or if you need quality branded prints on demand, production printing is the way to go. Outsourcing can take time and expediting the process can be expensive. If you need any documents or promotional materials immediately, having a production printer in-house can be beneficial. Additionally, in-house printing is the best way to keep sensitive material safe.

Overall Print Infrastructure

Some organizations attempt to use regular printers or multifunction devices for print jobs better suited to production printers. This can be hard on your printers, and it's unlikely to give you the best results. If you find that you're relying too heavily on your printers or MFPs for specialized printing, consider a production printer.

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