How Do You Know If You're Getting the Most Out of Managed Print?


Managed print services can do many essential things for your business. They can lower your printing costs and help you stay in better control over your entire printer fleet. However, if you aren't getting as much as you could out of the service, you may not be taking full advantage of everything it offers and all the ways it can improve things.

Assessing Company Needs

The first step in managed print services is assessing what your company's needs are. If you have a thorough assessment, you will know exactly how your company's printing process can be helped and what may be holding you back. Whether the problem is old machines, too few machines, or simply employees taking advantage of the available printers, the assessment will let you know exactly where your company stands.

Lowering Costs

Using managed print services is a great way to reduce your company's overall print costs. When you are taking full advantage of the service, there are several ways in which your print costs will become lower. After the initial assessment, getting rid of older machines that use more power and ink will help to lower costs. Monitoring printer usage is also helpful in saving money. Employees who once used to the printer for personal things No longer will.

Using Your Analytics

With managed print services, many different factors are monitored through the service. This type of monitoring allows you to see very easily, which employees are printing pages and just how much they are printing. It also allows you to stay on top of how many supplies are being purchased and used. And because it keeps track of those supplies, it can help your company to avoid printer downtime by ordering Ink, toner, and paper whenever they are needed.

If your company needs better control over its printers and its print costs, contact us today to find out how we can help lower those costs and bring the printers back under control.