3 Ways Document Management Improves Productivity

improve productivity

If you'd like to give your team more time for core projects, a document management system is the best way to achieve your goal. Here are just three of the ways a document management system can improve productivity across your organization.

1. Find your files—instantly.

Long searches for documents in steel filing cabinets or disorganized desktop PC filing systems are a last-century solution. Document management allows your staff to locate files through simple keywords searches. Users search for file names, project titles, client names, account numbers, etc., and gain instant access to the correct documents associated with the file.

2. Eliminate manual data entry.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology recognizes information in particular fields and routes them to the correct file. Storage and routing become simplified and automatic, and there's no need for time-consuming manual data entry. For your organization, the result is less time spent filing documents and fewer errors resulting in lost information.

3. Leverage the power of full-text search.

The inherent problem with finding a file using traditional storage methods is a lack of full-text search. For example, let's say you need a file for a particular client, but you can't remember her last name. You can, however, remember the name of the street on which her office is located. In a paper-based system, this information is no use to you in finding the file. The only useful information that will work is that which you don't possess—the client's last name. If you were using a document management system, a keyword searching using the name of the street would bring up the file. Even if your company had more than one client on that street, you would easily be able to distinguish one from another.

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