More Than a Conference Phone

Easy Conferencing, Clear Communication!

What is VoIP?

VoIP is short for, Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a phone that uses the internet instead of a direct connection with phone cables, like what we are used to seeing. This system allows users to make calls through landline and cellular phones.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

  • Use of existing internet

  • High quality audio

  • Keep current phone number

  • More than one phone call can be transmitted on a phone line

Elevated Body Temperature Solution

Efficient Reports & Scan Tracking!

A simple temperature device that provides accurate, first-level screening of your staff, employees, and visitors!

Built-in, intelligent sensor technology supports a defined measuring distance for temperature detention. No supporting staff required. Confirmation is provided within one second, making the entire process only seconds per person, up to 700 per hour, per device.

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Turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

Make your prints more eye-catching! Add a shine!

At Abadan, we can add a layer of shine to any printed document with the amazing AccurioShine - business cards, signs, booklets, the possibilities are endless!

The AccurioShine delivers embellishments that will make printed pieces more eye-grabbing and undeniably effective. Amazing printing enhancements such as Digital Foil, Lamination, Spot Gloss, and Dry Coat!

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Smart, Fast, Easy: Contactless Body Temperature Scanning

Smart, Fast, Easy: Contactless Body Temperature Scanning


Do you need high-precision body temperature measurement that ensures no contact contamination? Do you want a simple temperature measurement device that provides accurate, first-level screening of your employees, customers, visitors, teachers, and students?  

At Abadan, we are now offering Konica Minolta's dual-device solution to give your employees and visitors a fast entry while capturing the data that your monitoring team needs to act on scans that exceed your temperature guidelines.


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